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Paratype is first and foremost a community of people united by their passion and respect for global font and typographical heritage. A sincere love and dedication enables us to establish a dialog between the Cyrillic and Latin scripts from which emerge new contemporary graphic creations. The font, to us, is a tool which allows us to look into the past, reflect the mood and dynamic of the modern world, and to take a look into the future. With it, we are forging a new visual reality for our time. Millions of people throughout the world run their eyes over our letter design in seeking the meaning behind what has been written. We see it as our mission to ensure that a perfectly elegant depiction of each character not only doesn’t get in the way of understanding the word’s meaning but also accelerates and simplifies its comprehension.

We don’t simply develop multilingual fonts, we create visual solutions for various areas: navigation, advertising, and monitor screens. The Paratype team is a united group of enthusiasts, ready to take on the most unbelievable projects. Looking at them, many might think that the game isn’t worth the candle. But belief in what you are doing can work wonders. Using cutting-edge technology, we are preserving the traditions of text fonts and making typographical culture accessible and intelligible to everyone.

Our projects

We have a lot to be proud of

PT Sans and PT Serif Font Families

On the 27th of December 2009, at half past seven in the evening, Alexandra Korolkova made a short LiveJournal post where she wrote that she had finished a font which she had been designing for the last six months and that she could finally relax and turn her attention to other projects. She placed a picture of a sample of the type above her post, and a download link for the font below it. Surprisingly, over the next few days, the post was read by 30,000 people. Nearly all of them downloaded the font, almost causing the Web server to go down. We started to receive e-mails: requests from Linux fans to let them include the font in various distribution kits, questions from the Chuvash, Yakut, and Buryat people about using the font, requests from people of neighboring countries to have letters from their alphabets added to the font right away, questions about using it in @font-face, and so on and so on. The instant popularity of the font came as a complete surprise to Alexandra, as well as to all the others involved in the project.

What was the reason for all this attention?

The Olimpic font

Among hundreds of ParaType projects, the design of the Sochi2014 type family was a truly significant event. Based on the Sochi Olympics logotype, the type family, which has a limited number of font styles, became one of the most recognizable typographic solutions in many countries for a long time.

One of those directly involved in the project, Dmitry Kirsanov, type designer and professor at Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, committed his memories of working on the font to writing…

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Our history

20 years of quality fonts

We were born in the distant year 1989. It was the time when ParaGraph brought a font library called Paratype to the market. After 9 years, Emil Yakupov the head of ParaGraph's font department founded the company, taking the library and the name with him. The name Paratype itself arose from a combination of two words παρά and type, which can literally be translated as «Fonts near» or more literally «Available fonts." Now the word Paratype has become a common noun synonymous with quality and contemporary fonts.

Our team

Unity of art, technology and management

Paratype is an experienced team, brought up on the latest digital technologies, and our main approach to work is perfection in detail.

Ирина Петрова
Сергей Бобрышев
Коммерческий директор
Анна Якупова
Заместитель директора
Александра Королькова
Елена Ковалева
Сергей Кочин
Менеджер коммерческого отдела
Ольга Крылова
Зинаида Кузнецова
Константин Кунарев
Ведущий программист
Галина Кунарева
Андрей Левин
Борис Левин
Начальник отдела технического контроля
Александр Любовенко
Валентина Радзишевская
Менеджер коммерческого отдела
Мария Селезенева
Вадим Струченков
Ирина Фирсова
Менеджер коммерческого отдела
Геннадий Фридман
Начальник технологического отдела
Александра Якупова
СММ менеджер