Handwriting form of the Roman capital script of 3th – 4th century AD (Capitalis Quadrata). It called so for the letters similar to the square by its proportion.

Quadratic curve

A mathematical curve representation, whose highest powers are quadratic (squares). TrueType uses the quadratic formulation of the Bezier curve; PostScript, including Type 1 fonts, uses the cubic form.

Quotation marks

Two-sided punctuation marks used for quotation isolating. There are two classes of quotation marks (Guillemots and single or double comma) used according to the national typographic tradition. In Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, single and double guillemots used as quotation marks in Europe, Asia and Africa. In French and Italian the guillemots always point «out», but in German they more frequently point »in«. In English and Spanish, common usage of quotation marks is ‘this’ and “this”; in German, it is ‚diese‘ and „diese“. In Russian, usage of quotation marks are like in French and German: the main quotation marks are double guillemots («òàê») and the second ones are double commas („òàê“). In some other countries, for example in Finland and Sweden, three kinds of of quotation marks are used at once (”this”, »this», or ’this’), but there are no difference between the quotation mark before and after isolating word or phrase. Quotation marks should not be confused with inch sign or sign for seconds of arc (").

Quotation quad


The first six letters in the top alphabet row on a typewriter keyboard. That combination of letters is often used to name the standard keyboard in contrast to other keyboards. When Sholes made his first typewriters, he arranged the letters in alphabetical order. Typists found that the letter bars frequently jammed against each other during typing. Sholes therefore determined the most often-used combinations of letters and separated them as widely as possible so they would not get in each other's way. The result was today's QWERTY alpha-numeric keyboard. When computers were invented, its manufacturers — and computer word processor makers as well — continue to install the traditional keyboard.