Vector fonts

Type of font format, examples include TrueType and Type 1 formats. A vector font descibes each letter or symbol as a series of geometric shapes, rather than as rows of dots (like a bitmap font). They can easily be resized without losing quality.


Large drawn letters used as capitals with Half-Uncial and other mediaeval minuscules. Also they were used as Initials, frequently decorated and painted.



Scribal Vyaz’ is a decorative style for book titles. Originated in Byzantine books in the 11th century, spread in Russia since late 14th century but flourished in Russia only in the 16th century. One of the major features is a mast ligature (stems of neighbouring letters comprise one stroke). Quite often neighbouring letters are placed one above another and have common strokes, or smaller letters are places inside bigger ones. As a result letters form a continuous ornate band. Vyaz’ is not easily translated from script to type due to numerous ligatures.