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In the formation of the corporate style, designed to create an image of the company, the font plays one of the most prominent roles. It is the central connecting element, it simplifies and supports the use of the logo, the grid and the established rules for issuing documents. The characteristic form of the letters of the font is fixed in the subconscious and forms a unique image of the company. Font, especially exclusive, can serve as a kind of «hidden advertising» of your company's products: it leads to sustainable associations, as well as seconds excerpts of vivid commercials. There are classical fonts suitable for advertising expensive jewelry, conservative, which will be noticed by adherents of traditions, democratic fonts, most suitable for advertising youth and children's products, and national, designed to emphasize folk traditions. Professionally designed fonts work well in all communication environments from hours to billboards. Another function of the font is to help you communicate with your business partners. Bilingual documents look professional when they are executed in the same font.


Microsoft Arial and Times New Roman fonts installed in Microsoft applications have become virtually the standard of modern communication. On the one hand, this simplified the transfer of documents from one device to another, on the other — led to the depersonalization of texts. To be noticed in today's competitive market, selecting the right font is just as important as creating a logo.

Which font should I choose? System? Free? Paid?


Order a font based on your handwriting

Thousands of people use our handwritten fonts. Such a font is not just a gift to yourself, friends or co-workers, but also an indispensable assistant in the making of promotional materials that require a high degree of confidence. Affordable price combined with short terms of preparation have long made this Paratype's service popular all over the world.

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