January 25, 2015


When preparing a hand-written font, our designers carefully investigate the manner of writing, choose the most typical variants of letters, manually digitize them and put them in a font so that the text typed with this font looks natural and is as much like the original customer's inscription.

To order a font based on handwriting, you need to download and fill out the form, scan it in black and white with a resolution of 300 dpi, save in png or bmp format and send it along with the application to fonts@paratype.com. The price of a font based on one form (Cyrillic or Latin) — $ 120; two forms (Cyrillic and Latin) — $ 210.

A person rarely writes the same letter the same way. Therefore, in order to make it more plausible, we recommend adding alternative variants of letters or additional ligatures to the basic composition of the font characters. On special request, using the OpenType format capabilities, we will build a font with pseudo-random or context-dependent substitution of letters.

Don't lose your individuality by typing texts on computer. Let your pen-friends feel the personal touch. Order a font based on your handwriting and your Personal Computer will become a bit more personal.

If a handwritten font is needed here and now, without the time spent on its making, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable option from the constantly updated regular font library. Fonts of the handwritten series will give your text natural touch and humanity, turn any impersonal advertising slogan into a confidential recommendation. Each such font is a small example of a human psychotype, a set of personal qualities, a small detail of the image of a particular person.

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